flipflop_diva (flipflop_diva) wrote in avengers_rbb,

We're Only An Illusion

Artist: crescent_gaia
Art Prompt Title: Scars From Tomorrow

Author: flipflop_diva
Fic Title: We're Only An Illusion
Pairing(s): Skye/Ward. But featuring Skye, Ward, May, Coulson, Jemma, Trip and John Garrett
Rating: R
Universe: Agents of SHIELD
Word Count: 5,228
Warnings: No archive warnings apply, although there is sex. And a lot of angst.
Summary: It changes everything when you find out someone you trust isn't who you thought they were — every memory, every moment, every encounter. For Skye, finding out Ward is Hydra is a hard pill to swallow. But not everything is always as it seems. Set during most of Season 1 of Agents of SHIELD. Spoilers through the finale.

Link to art masterpost:

Link to fic masterpost: On AO3
Tags: summer 2014
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