Liz (crescent_gaia) wrote in avengers_rbb,

A Dystopian Romance

Artist: leperu
Art Prompt Title: Untitled

Author: crescent_gaia
Fic Title: A Dystopian Romance
Pairing(s): Steve/Tony, Steve/Tony/Bucky, Clint/Natasha, slight Pepper/Coulson (blink and you'll miss it)
Rating: PG-13
Universe: MCU with a twist of the Extremis comic storyline
Word Count: 12,800
Warnings: None
Summary: In an alternate universe, the Senate, in it's infinite wisdom, decided to pass an act that made anybody with superpowers an enemy of the state if decided upon by a committee headed by Senator Stern. After the events of Iron Man 3 and Winter Soldier, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are declared such enemies along with Natasha Romanov and Clint Barton.
Notes: A HUGE thank you to leperu for being a very patient person with me. Another huge thank you to sirona_gs for running the challenge. My apologies for this being extremely late but life went explode-y.

Link to art masterpost: on Ao3
Link to fic masterpost: on Ao3
Tags: summer 2014
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