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avengers_rbb's Journal

Avengers Reverse Big Bang
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Avengers Reverse Big Bang
This is a reverse of the usual Big Bang challenge -- each artist creates at least one piece of art, which is then posted Anonymously and claimed by an author. Authors are then expected to write a short fic (minimum of 5,000 words) based on the art they chose.

Artist sign-ups open Monday, April 28th. Artists must submit at least one piece of art by Monday, June 23rd. This may feature any pairing (or no pairing) so long as it includes at least one character from any of the Marvel Universes (comics and/or MCU). Art can be Canon, Alternative Universe or Crossover. The art will be posted anonymously, at which point authors can claim a piece. Authors will write a fic (minimum of 5,000 words) based on the art they chose.


Sign-ups (Artists) opening: Monday, April 28th
Sign-ups (Artists) closing: Sunday, May 18th
Artists check-in (mandatory): Saturday, June 14th
Art due in: Monday, June 23rd
Art claims: Saturday, June 28th
Matchup Artist/Author: Saturday, July 5th
Author check-in (mandatory): Sunday, July 20th
Fic due in: Monday, August 18th
Posting schedule claim: Wednesday, August 20th
Posting starts: Friday, August 22nd

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Rules and FAQ inspired by i_reversebang.